About Norsk Medisinaldepot

Norsk Medisinaldepot AS (NMD) is one of Norway's largest suppliers of pharmaceuticals and health-related products. The administration and central warehouse and is located at Alna, north of Oslo, while large parts of Northern Norway are served from the distribution center in Harstad. The company has approximately 2,300 employees. NMD is part of McKesson Corporation.

About Norsk Medisinaldepot

About us

Vitusapotek is our wholly owned pharmacy chain, with over 300 large and small pharmacies spread throughout Norway. Some of these are so-called “Vitusapotek Samarbeid” - a separate concept for those who want to own their own pharmacy but run it as a Vitusapotek. We have also developed the chain concept Ditt Apotek, which is a collaboration for independent, privately owned pharmacies. Today, more than 70 pharmacies are associated with the collaboration.

Our owners

Norsk Medisinaldepot AS is a part of McKesson Corporation,. McKesson was in 2021 ranked 7th on the Fortune 500, and is a global leader in healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, healthcare technology, community oncology and specialty care.

McKesson partners with life sciences companies, manufacturers, providers, pharmacies, governments and other healthcare organizations to help provide the right medicines, medical products and healthcare services to the right patients at the right time, safely and cost-effectively.

United by our ICARE shared principles, our employees work every day to innovate and deliver opportunities to improve patient care in every setting – one product, one partner, one patient at a time. For more information visit

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Our values

Our value set, ICARE, both commits and motivates. ICARE stands for Integrity, Customer-First, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. For everyone who works at NMD, this means that we make every effort to make decisions, big and small, with a focus on what is ethically correct for the company, the customers and the health sector. Customers are at the center of everything we do, and we succeed when they succeed. We feel a personal commitment to customers, suppliers and colleagues - and we take a natural responsibility to keep what we promise. We treat each other, customers and suppliers with dignity, consideration and openness. Our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our customers and the expectations we have of each other.


After a tender competition, NMD supplies so-called H-prescription products to all Norwegian pharmacies as from 1 January 2017, except for hospital pharmacies. Essentially, these are costly biological drugs that require special handling and monitoring.

The company is also the sole supplier of pharmaceuticals to the private clinics of Aleris, Volvat and LHL.

The company offers flexible solutions for 3rd party storage to the pharmaceutical industry and other suppliers.

Certification of quality

NMD is quality certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015.

For quality deviations, send an e-mail to:

Management team

Ros-Marie Grusén
Managing Director

Terje Kvaal
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Kurt Haga, Operations

Fredrik Ljungström

Hege Willoch
Quality Management & Professional Services

Michael Ecker

Kristin Watndal

Miriam Thistel

Sigrid Hov Fodnæss

Tom-Erik Korsviken

Contact Us

Press contact:

Tonje Kinn
Mobil +47 982 12 597


Norsk Medisinaldepot AS
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NMD Distribution - branch Harstad
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